Our Oceans

In the past oceans were clean, healthy and had a balanced ecosystem. They were a wondrous place however modern man has changed all of that. In the last few decades we have carelessly polluted the oceans by introducing plastics, waste and oil. We have also destroyed ocean habitats and caused global warming. The oil is very destructive because when it gets into the ocean it kills all sea life that comes in contact with it. If untreated, it will effect the natural environment for years to come.

We haven’t been disposing of our plastics properly and lots of it has ended up in our oceans. Plastics take thousands of years to biodegrade. This plastic is seriously harming ocean life. It is affecting the food chain and even some of the fish we eat contains micro plastics. We need to recycle our waste more responsibly or even better use alternative biodegradable material. We need to stop all these terrible things from happening to our oceans and try and restore the water to it’s natural self for our and the planet’s future. We need to bring back the old, clean and healthy waters that had a balanced ecosystem.

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