Our day with Simon Holebeach

On Tuesday the 30th January a man called Simon Holebeach came to talk to us about his job as a Polar Diver Instructor and buoyancy. He told us that if you wanted to go further down underwater you needed less buoyancy but if you wanted to go up towards the surface you needed more buoyancy. On his suit he said that there are two buttons, one that released air, which reduces buoyancy and one that brings in air to increase buoyancy. You needed to get the right buoyancy if you wanted to stay at the right depth. We past around two weights that he said helped to weigh him and the other divers down. If you took the weights off, it would help you rise. Simon said that you could use rocks from the seabed instead of weights to do the same thing.

Then we made some divers using pipette tops and we drew faces on them. Then we got some white-tack and put it on the bottom to act as a weight. We used a bowl of water to test it was the right buoyancy. When we had the right buoyancy, we put the divers into a bottle of water and then if you squeezed the bottle the diver would go down. Afterwards, he told us a bit about Boaty-McBoatface which is a mini-submarine on the polar research vessel RRS Sir David Attenborough.

I really enjoyed it and learnt a lot. It was a fun day.


Our day with Simon Holebeach — 8 Comments

  1. hello Erin,
    you can remember a lot from the session with Simon Holebeach. Thank you for sharing a wonderful blog post. Next time, try to use a colon.


  2. Yes I agree, you have rememerbered alto about it! Great recount however next time try and use colons and semi colons to increce your sentances.


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