Our day Simon Holebeach

On the 30th of January a man called Simon Holebeach came to our class to talk about his experience of being a Polar diver and a instructor, and he also came into to talk about buoyancy: he shown us a slideshow to make it easier to understand. He then went to say if you wanted to sink to the bottom of the river or sea, you need to less buoyancy and if you want to float you need more buoyancy. Then he said if you wanted to stay at the right depth you needed to get the exact buoyancy. After that, he got out his wet suit (which has been all over the world), and he shown us the two holes on the arms that release air and one that sucks in air for buoyancy.

We then went on to make small plastic diver’s, then when we drew faces on the diver’s he put white tack all round the middle of the diver. Then when it was fully stable in water you were able to put it in a bottle, screw the lid on then when you squeeze the bottle it should sink and when you let go it should come to the top again. You now have your own diver


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