Our Day At Wincanton Race Course

First of all, Orchid Class got on the coach (obviously we did, we wouldn’t walk there), then when we got off the coach, we were introduced to John & Judy. I was in group 1 so we went to the weighing room first, its basically big scales to weigh the Jockeys.Image result for pictures of Wincanton racecourse

After a while, we hopped over to the second activity, the Parade Ring! The parade ring is where the horses walk around an oval, the Jockeys mount the horses there as well, then they would walk out of the Parade Ring on the horses and get in position on the race track. We had break after that, then we watched the horses walk around the oval. After saying ‘Hello’ to a few owners while they were walking around with their horses, we went to the race track and waited for it to start. . .

When it started, the horses ran like the wind! As they went past, it felt like thunder (the ground even was shaking!). My favourite part was watching the racing, because it was really exhilarating!




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