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On Tuesday the 30th of January, Orchid Class were very lucky to have a polar explorer come to visit. He came with one of his old suits he had dived in (it had sand in) and it had a button on it, which could let air out and in and that’s where buoyancy comes in. Buoyancy, is the difference between air and water, rising to the surface, sinking, or just floating in the middle. To go further under water you would need less buoyancy to reach the surface you would need more buoyancy. If you dropped a tennis ball in the water, it would float on the surface. If you dropped A rock in, it would sink. However, it you added a bit more weight to the tennis ball and held it under water, it would stay there, hovering in the middle of the water.

We made little divers and added white tack to make it heavier. It would float on the top of the bottle of water (with the lid on) and when you squeezed the bottle the diver would sink to the bottom. If it didn’t sink very well you had to add some water into it. I had a lovely time and I understand more about buoyancy.


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  1. Hi Susann, I really liked your post I thought you described buoyancy really well. Maybe next time try use some more punctuation.

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