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On Tuesday the 30th of January, a man called Simon Holebeach came to our school to show us all about being a Polar Diver and to tell us some facts about the sea. Simon brought in his diving suit so we could have a look at it and so we could wear it. He wore his suit in lots of different countries like Egypt. He told us his favourite time which was when he was at the bottom of the sea and some seals came over to him and were playing with all of his diving gear.

After that we did a little experiment where you put a pipette in a full bottle of water, the pipette has white tack round it, you put it in the bottle of water and put the lid on, then squeeze it and you pipette should go up and down. Mine didn’t work very well.

Then we got to ask him some questions like “what was you favourite dive you have done,” we also got to try on his diving suit, the people who tried it on looked so funny! I had a really fun time.


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