noun and adverbial phrases.

A noun phrase is two or more words that act as a noun. An expanded noun phrase can help to describe and give complicated information clearly.

eg: Seed is a noun.    Tiny seed is a noun phrase.

The ball that bounced over the fence is over there is an expanded noun phrase.

An adverbial phrase is built round an adverb by adding words before and/or after it.

eg: The bird ate the apple as fast as possible.

The cat crept very slowly.


noun and adverbial phrases. — 2 Comments

  1. A lovely explanation Tom – you started at the beginning and then furthered your point. Can you say what the difference between an adverbial phrase and an adverbial clause would be? I challenge you for 2wwp 😉 😉

  2. The difference between an adverbial phrase and a clause is :

    phrase – its blue wings – there is no verb saying what the wings did or what happened to them.

    clause – its blue wings surprised me – the blue wings did something. All clauses have a verb.


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