Nico’s Day

A long time ago in Ancient Greece a boy called Nico lived with his family. Nico was glad to be born a boy as most Greek parents yearned for a boy to look after them in their old age. Nico was desperate to go to school but only richer families could afford to go there; so every morning Nico would wake very early and go and to seek work on the local farm. The farm owner was friends with Nico’s family , so let Nico work there to earn money.

Working on the farm was really hard and tiring and every day he came home muddy, hot and with a sore back and aching shoulders but Nico knew that a weeks work would earn him a day at school. He loved going to school because it meant seeing friends and learning to read, write, arithmetic and playing music. Nico also loved athletics. One day he dreamed of going to school everyday and being a teacher himself.


Credit to : Usborne : Greeks


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