Myths of crop circles

I think we are very lucky to live in the county of Wiltshire. There are many old interesting sites from Avebury to Stonehenge and more recent mysteries the appearance of crop circles in our fields. Is it all linked?

Crop circles can start to appear in April and May, and go through until July and August harvest. Most seem to be made overnight, the crops are not cut and seem to be flattened into a swirl pattern.

One of the largest designs recorded was at Milk Hill, which is the highest point in Wiltshire, it measured over 900ft and was made of 409 circles!

People think there are lots of different ways crop circles can be made. Whirlwinds, ley lines, earth energies, UFOs and human beings. The only proven cause of crop circles at the moment is humans making them, research people say there is small percent that can’t be explained, and this is what makes it so fascinating!

lets wait and see what appears in fields near us in 2019?


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