Myths and legends


In Greek mythology it is know that some people say that a Phoenix is a mythical bird that is said to live in Arabia. Also whenever it died by burning it’s self it would be revived every five hundred years! Did you know that it has a very colourful plumage and at it’s tail. There tail has lots of different colours such as blue, purple, green, gold and red. Speaking about coming back to life, it even has the ability to  bring himself back to life. Also it lived on the trees of Kaf mountain. Which  were near seven villages also there names were Wish, Love, Skill, Exception, Oneness, Surprise and Abcense. People even thought it’s tears and wings were therapeutic, like in Harry Potter. Also it was said that the Phoenix had never touched the ground and they were so high that no one could ever see one. Did you know that Phoenix means lots of success and to be powerful again.

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