Myths and Legends: werewolves

Shapeshifters, inparticular werewolves.


Throughout northern Europe and North America, legends of shapeshifters are told. A shapeshifter is most renowned as a human being that shifts its shape into the animals, most commonly of these is a werewolf, which is what I will be briefly talking about today.


These beasts are humans which transform into werewolves, this only takes place at night during a full moon. The best way to kill them is by using something made of silver, like a knife or a silver bullet. Before it dies it turns back into its human shape again. A woman or a man (usually a man) can be turned into a werewolf by being bitten by one or by being cursed.


For werewolves to keep its type alive it must bite a human being after the human has been bitten it will create another werewolf, according to the legends the first transformation is extremely painful. Under a blood moon the werewolves become a great deal more aggressive and activity levels can rise.


Werewolves are used in many films including Harry Potter, Underworld, Dog Shoulders and many many more.


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