Myths And Legends: A Magic Unicorn

Once, there lived a girl called Rose and she was the prettiest girl in the land. She had long, curly brown hair; her eyes were as blue as the sky and her lips was as red as an enchanted apple. Even though Rose was as beautiful as a magical siren, she was lonely. Her father had died when she was five years old and her mother was always at work. Of course Rose appreciated the fact that her mum worked hard for her, it was just… she was never at home. School wasn’t much better either. Most people ignored her, like she was under that evil invisible spell! Rose didn’t mind that much that people didn’t want to be her friend. She had her mum and that was all that mattered. Sometimes her mum would take the weekend off and they would play bored games and eat a Victoria cake with some tea. Rose really enjoyed that. One day, Rose’s mum realised that Rose was lonely. For the next few weeks, Rose’s mum saved up her money from work until she had enough money for Rose to buy her own pet. She told Rose and Rose was so excited.

The next day Rose was up early. her mum had already gone to work but had promised to come home early so that she could see the new pet Rose had chosen. Rose walked into a pet shop. It was very strange however she felt like something was drawing her inside. Like something was calling her saying,                                                                                                                      “Please, I need a home.” When Rose stepped inside she could feel that something was different. She walked cautiously to the shop keeper and asked,                                                        “Excuse me, um do you have dogs?” The man stared at her for a few seconds, shut his eyes then touched his left temple with his right hand. All of a sudden, he grinned.                                      “Right this way… Rose” he reassured. Rose stared at him and asked him how he knew her name. He only winked. Confused, Rose followed him to the very corner of the shop. There stood a unicorn. The unicorn stared at the Rose with her magical rainbow eyes and Rose realised could understand what she was saying.                                                                                           “My name is Spark.” she told Rose,”And I have chose you to be owner.” Rose stared at the unicorn then at the man. Then the unicorn and the man again. This looking at the unicorn then at the man went on for a while until Rose agreed to have Spark. She paid the man and thanked him (still in a bit of a daze) and Spark hid in Rose’s bag until they got home.

Rose’s mum was already home and Rose showed her mum Spark. Strangely, mum couldn’t understand Spark like Rose could. Spark explained to Rose that it was because Rose had a special gift and she could speak the secret Unicart (Unicorn) language. Unicorns spoke through there rainbow eyes so it is very hard to know what they are saying. Spark told her that she was a mini Unicorn – a very rare type. She told Rose to touch her horn and hold her mum’s hand. That way, Rose’s mum could understand Spark when they were all connected. Rose was no longer lonely and her mum always came home from work early these days: just so she could share some Victoria cake and a cup of tea with her two loved ones. Rose and Spark. They all lived happily ever after.


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