Myth of Prometheus

Prometheus was powerful and strong. He wanted to give humans the gift of fire; but Zeus refused to let him have it and he stole it. Zeus punished him and created Pandora to bring misfortune to humans. He sentenced Prometheus to be tortured for the rest of his eternity. Many years later, Hercules rescued him.

Prometheus was the youngest of the Titans and the kindest. He saw the poor state of the human beings and felt his heart moved. He wanted to make their life not miserable; but he couldn’t do anything. Fire wasn’t a common thing at this time: it was strictly forbidden to give this gift to any of the animals below the gods. He knew Zeus would punish him if he took any but he still did. One night, he went to where the sacred fire was kept, took a bit away and carried it down Mount Olympus to the people. He directly handed it to the people.

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