Mystery Skype

Today we are doing a mystery Skype with a class somewhere in the world. Orchid Class are trying very hard to try and discover where they are. Our headteacher does know where they are and our job is to try and find where they are! The class are American and are in the North Hemisphere. We have found out that they are in United States of America and live in Kansas!


Mystery Skype — 2 Comments

  1. Sounds really interesting, did you where a deer stalker hat and have a magnifying glass like Sherlock Homes ? How did you know they were in America? What else do you know about Kansas? Id love to know

  2. Thanks Paul, I knew they were in America because my group were trying really hard to try and find where they were. In front of us we had 2 maps one of the world and one of the world with the time on it and we asked really interesting questions and finally WE DID IT!!

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