My Visit To Italy

For my summer holiday I went to Italy. I stayed in my nornor’ (Italian for grandpa) house. I went with my little brother Freddie and my friend Turi (strong in welsh). On the first day we went to a fabulous restaurant. I had a massive pizza. After I had a delicious Italian desert semi frieddo a half frozen ice cream with amaretto biscuits. Five stars.The next day we went to the town ,Bedonia, and met Dad’s friend Massimo he is very nice. he owns a bar where I always have amarena cherry drink afterwards we went to the river and had a great time. The day afterwards we went to  Massimo’s bar and afterwards went to a restaurant called speedy bar I had pizza.The next day was the opening of the PREMIER LEAGUE!!!!!!!!!!!!My team Swansea (a city in Wales) VS  Manchester United. Surprising the whole world Swansea won and I PREDICTED THE SCORES 2-1 AND THE SCORER ,Dad was HAPPY.The next day we went to the same place as the first night. Guess what I had pizza.Tomorrow morning we went to the swimming pool and pranced about all day. The day after we saw the leaning tower of Pisa

Thats my time in Italy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!







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  1. Sounds amazing, Jack. I have never visited Italy. The half frozen dessert sounds fabulous too. Make sure you reread your post and check the time travel tenses!Thank you for sharing with us.

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