My sock monster.

My sock monster’s name is Jimmy, he likes to eat anything that is smaller than him even if it is metal or brick. He will always sleep on the gravel floor so if he gets hungry in the night he can just have a snack on a few little rocks. He does not have a sense of humour so don’t tell him any jokes or he will try to eat your fingers. His favourite food is a nice meal of small spiders which he gobbles down in precisely twenty-five seconds, or maybe a bit more if one of the spiders is still alive.

His favourite cage is one of the ones you can get down at ‘pets at home’ in the cage isle. For fun he likes to get into trouble and cause a lot of mayhem for the people who live next to him. He also likes to take garbage out of peoples trash cans (he’s a bit like a badger). If you don’t want to make him angry, then don’t tell him what to do or force him to eat something like a fish finger, as that is the one food he hates. Never tell him to clean out his cage or he will try to nip at your heels. That is how to my sock monster likes to be looked after.


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