My Snowman

I sat down on the hard, cold and icy snow wondering what to do. I had been thinking all day but nothing came into my mind; I sighed and then a thought popped into my head.                           “A snowman, I can make a snowman. I’ll call all my friends and they can all help me.” I smiled (the first time today.)                                                                                                             I ran inside and started making calls to all of my friends.                                                      “What are you doing?” asked my mum.                                                                                     “I’m making a snowman and I’m asking all my friends if they want to help,” I replied.                   “OK, as long as your quiet,” my mum demanded.                                                                     “OK,” I said cheerily.                                                                                                             An hour later all of my friends had come round my house to build the snowman.                        “I can’t wait. Right, Erin, Susan and Talia go and build the body.”                                               Everyone huffed and then an idea came into my head,                                                             “If you do it then I will make you all a hot chocolate and you can have some biscuits.”                After that, they all got into action.

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