My Snow Day

“What, it’s snowing!” I exclaimed staring out of my window.                                                  “There’s no school, yes, an extra day of freedom,” I yelled excitedly. Happily, I ran down stairs to ask if it was true. My dream had come true and I’m so glad it did. There was no time to think about breakfast, I just dashed up stairs and got changed as quickly as possible.                      “Lola honey, are you going to have breakfast?” my Mum was calling up to me while I was getting my layers on.                                                                                                                  “No,” I was repeatedly calling down to her. Finally, I was able to get my gloves, hat and scarf on then… Suddenly, I was pushed out the way by Mia (my little sister) and Milo (my dog) because they wanted to be the first ones in the snow.                                                                          “I’m going to be the first one in the snow,” she yelled however what she didn’t know was that Dad had already gone on a stroll and that me chuckle. It didn’t matter so of I went to enjoy the fun myself. Annoyingly, Mia didn’t want a snow ball fight so I couldn’t have one with her. On the bright side Dad helped Mia and I make a snowman. We actually made two snow men one big one for me and a smaller one for Mia. Milo was a bit cheeky and stole their carrot noses. We also made an igloo but Milo was the only one able to get in without braking it.                                “Are you going sledging  this year Lola?” my Dad asked me after we had finished building the snowmen and igloo.                                                                                                              “No, not this year, maybe next year,” I replied to my Dad. This year I didn’t really fancy doing it. Unfortunately, the snow only lasted for that day however I hope it’s not the last of it for this year.

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