My Mythical Creature

My made up mythical creature is the mix between Cerberus (the three-headed dog pet of hades) and a manticore (a creature with the body of a lion, a head of a lion, dragons wings and a scorpion tail). My made up creature has three heads,  dragon wings and claws, hot firey spikes running down it’s back and a red hot poisonous  tail which has green poison dripping off it, disintergrating anything in it’s path. it has many scars, and it breathes fire, has poison in it’s bite and has firey eyes that leave a trail of smoke behind them. the creature on hind legs is as tall as a three storey house. it has fire going in between the spikes running down it’s back and has paw so strong it could knock down the whole of Westwood with a flick of it’s wrist.

The only thing that can defeat this hellish creature is the book. It is written in ancient Flascueogog. That word probably seems very unfamiliar to you. I know why. That is the very ancient language of the Flascueosians. They were  very rare race that lived in the infected side (the infected side is a ancient land, once full of wonders, but now a scorched, burnt land that is home to all evilness) and were masters of the horrid terror-tyrant beasts that lived there. the only living person left to know it is the sorcerer of the questing beast and the vampires. the sorcerer lives in the dying dimension, a place which is now impossible to enter.                                                               if your looking to find the book you’ll find it embedded in his soul. But  there is only one sword which can cut his strong hide, and that is guarded by the evil creature, known as the shadow. to find him and the sword you must ride (only on dragonback) to Morlock, and from there you must swim deep, ’till you find what looks like a courtyard. You will find the sword embedded in a pedastal which holds a statue, but watch out, the shadow could be anywhere!

My mythical creature wields fire, and can summon all creatures from hell, it can even summon it’s father, Hades. It can destroy England in under 20 minutes. it can create eggs that will hatch all sorts of creatures and could turn earth in to a copy of the infected side in a day.


My Mythical Creature — 12 Comments

  1. This is an amazing story i love it as it made me feel like i was in the room with the mythical creature! Sorry about this but next time try to use some more capital letters!

  2. Hi Oscar,

    Great work I loved it next time try to use capital letters for the beginning of your sentences .

    Bye from Sophie

  3. That was a great story,next time maybe try to use a capital letter at the start of a sentence.I liked your story because you have put lots of description in your story.

  4. This is great i like it because you made it interesting. Next time try to use capital letters at the end of a sentence.

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