My Life: In Sparta

I was running, running from the soldiers. They were hunting me down, the soldiers from my own city-state ; Sparta. Their training drill of hunting down the slave ( me of course ) was becoming a hot pursuit. My arms flailed as I charged away from my home and into the depths of what lay ahead. I would prove these soldiers unworthy and not fit for our army- I would make sure they did not catch me. Jumping over towering rocks I realised they were hot on my tail and some were carrying weapons and not just any weapons, they were harpoons. Then a spear whistled past just missing my panicking body. Suddenly, I saw just meters ahead was a shear drop. My vertigo kicked in but I could not stop myself from running, my feet were out of control. I pushed off the cliff, my heart in my mouth. The sound of wind rushed into my ears as I dropped downwards and towards death. Seeing my end, I hit the musty ground, I felt a crack in all my bones but that did not matter, just, had I lost them?

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