My Journey

As I started my journey towards the distant reef, I could see the open ocean and the wonderful site of multi-coloured fish swimming gracefully through the water. I could see murky shadows on the sea floor, which I knew were sharks waiting for their evening snack. Slowly and silently, some jellyfish floated up behind me giving me quite a shock, so I swam a little faster to avoid their translucent tentacles. After a while, the sea floor fell away beneath me and I swam on alone into the open ocean.The sunlight sparkled through the ocean roof illuminating the surrounding water, as something caught my eye floating ahead of me.

My eyes adjusted as I focused on the object, checking to see what it was and if there were any predators around me. Cautiously, I nudged the flimsy, white object that was torn and frayed around the edge.

“What if I ate this?” I thought to myself as I opened my mouth wide and took a bite. Oh no I was not meant to eat this because it was a plastic bag, something that had been in the ocean for many years. After spitting the thing out of my mouth I quickly swam on and continued my journey hoping to find no more pollution.


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  1. Hi Erin! Thank you for taking the time to put your writing on the blog. You had some great flow and some imaginative phrasing in your post. You used your punctuation effectively too. I really liked the fact that you mentioned the lurking danger. Great cohesion. Well done! 🙂 🙂

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