My first day as a Sparta

” Bye Mum,” as I whimpered; the Sparta men was just about to take me to their training camp. I slowly hopped into the the horse and carriage and what I saw was sickening: boy’s with awful cuts on their body and whipped faces. It was so bad I couldn’t even look at them. Suddenly, I heard a loud noise. BANG! I looked down at my leg and there was a huge red mark, I turned my head back to the soldier, and he had a whip in his hand- this was just the start. ” Get out,” one of the men shouted. Then the unthinkable happened, he screamed at me, ” Run” I had no choice. I started to run and then I heard something whistle past my ear (a spear) I kept running. Then all of a sudden, a man jumped on me and yelled ” Not good enough” Then I thought to myself I’ve got another 25 years of this.

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