My First Day As A Sparta School Girl

Today is the 18th 382 BC and I am writing because tomorrow I am going to school for my first time as I will be 7. Life at the moment is a little boring as it’s only me and my mum; however, that is all going to change know. I am a bit nervous meeting everyone and all but mainly excited! The day is now here, I woke up especially early to get ready for this big day: with an early start and a big sized ientaculum (breakfast) I hoped it would give me a good day.. As a ‘big’ ientaculum I mean wheat pancakes with lots of honey and dates with it. As I walked myself to school I thought about how lucky I was that I was a girl not a Spartan boy; if I were a boy then the same day today I would be training hard ready for the Spartan army. I allways wondered why boys didn’t have to go as well?

That day was no way like I expected (writing and reading) we were basing pretty much everything on wars and thing like that for the whole day! I definitely am glad that I am a girl than going on hikes and things and being a boy!

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