My Experience Under The Sea

I dived into the ocean, eager to see it with my own eyes. My feet touched the sea bed’s sandy floor, then me realising how beautiful the coral reef looked. Quickly, I looked behind me seeing a colourless reef deserted. Small fish  swam out of the colourful coral like they were trying to greet me. Sea turtles swam over head as sea horses came right up to me. Suddenly, I heard a whale call echoing through the water making the fish go back into the coral. The sun was beaming into the water making patterns on the sea bed. Then I began to swim up as a whale was heading towards me. The next thing I knew I was riding it. I saw dolphins and was having the time of my life. I even got to ride the dolphins. Then I was put back in between the colourful and colourless reeves. Then I tried to walk however it felt as if the water was trying to pull me down.

Something began to take me down, further and further which made me feel that I was being watched from all side… A shiver went through my body in fright as the surface was no longer to been seen.

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