My Day As A Unicorn.

Dear Diary,

Yesterday I woke up to the biggest surprise of my life,  I went to the forest to find some apples for my breakfast : but when I got to the tree I saw my best friend ( Ella ) led on the floor.  I asked what had happened and she quietly spoke that there was a huge destroyer that came to the tree when she was getting her dinner.  Then I asked her what it looked like and she said that it was disgusting ; and it barged past her and she landed on the floor, unable to move.  I slowly helped her to her feet and we both galloped across the field, and back to her home.  Inside was all dirty and grubby, the monster had come in and destroyed her house.  How did it know where Ella lived?  Could it read minds?  My hoof is starting to ache a little so I’m going to leave it there for today but I will catch up with you again soon.


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