My £1 challenge!

On Tuesday and Friday Eleanor and me took part in the £1 challenge. The one pound challenge is were you get given £1 by your teacher to buy something to sell on your stall. The aim is to make as much profit so you can buy more. All the money goes to Charity. We were raising money for water filters to go to Ghana

To get ready for the first sale we had to make sure we had everything prepared. We drew and coloured in homemade posters. We talked to our family to ask for items that we could borrow. My Mum lent us a table cloth and blue napkins to make our table look presentable. My Nana lent us a jug with pictures on it and also because she is moving house she donated us all of her plastic cups she had in the cupboard to save throwing them away. We also had to buy the stuff we were going to sell. We managed to get my Mum to take us to Lidl supermarket on Sunday. When we were at Lidl, we worked out the price of 2 bottles of diet lemonade which were 17p each = 34p, 1 Lemon – 19p and 1 Lime -21p . This all cost 74p so we had 26p remaining. Which was a good start. I thought it was a good idea to put the fruit into the lemonade to make it look for more fancy and refreshing.

We also made our own vase from the bottom of a plastic bottle as we wanted to put some pretty spring flowers on our table. We picked these from my garden. This we thought would make our stall look more attractive.

Tuesday was finally here, and we were so excited. At 3.05pm Mrs Tyler let us go and get ready. We had so much to do! Eleanor and I worked as a team to get ready. We worked together to get the table ready because that was the biggest job. We then worked together to chop up the fruit.

Finally we were ready to sell. Eleanor was in charge of pouring the lemonade out and I was in charge of taking the money and giving change.

By 3.30pm we had sold out! Next was the tricky bit we had to count out how much money we had made. We had made £11.75 profit. We were so pleased. But we wanted to raise more for charity on Friday.

Mrs Tyler gave us the choice of how much money we wanted to take back from our profits to get ready for Fridays sale. We decided on £6.00.

Eleanor and I decided on Wednesday that we were going to do lemonade and ice cream at Fridays sale.

We knew how much work was needed to get ready we started right away. This time we asked my dad and Eleanors mum to take us to get the supplies that we needed. As we had a bit more money we went to Sainsburys and Lidl this time.

At Sainsbury we brought the ice cream and cocktail umbrellas and Eleanor and her mum brought the lemonade at Lidl as we knew people liked it, she also brought the fruit again. I also rang my Nana again to see if she had any left over sweets that we could use. She did she gave us left over candy canes and mint stick for the ice cream.

During lunchtime on Friday we changed our posters as we were selling ice cream we added 10p to the price of the lemonade.

Friday arrived and we worked as a team to get setup. We still had the donated table cloth, jug and napkins. We were so busy that we forgot to add the flowers.

We didn’t sell out of everything this time but we sold more than we expected. It was busy again but we had so much fun and it was all for charity. When we counted up how much money we had made we were shocked and amazed as we had raised £29.75 for Charity. We were really proud.

For the £5 challenge I think I would change the type of lemonade we brought to cloudy lemonade and would add a strawberry and would put the ice cream in cones with delicious chocolate sauce and sprinkles.

By Ellie D.


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  1. Oh my word, Ellie – what a blog post! You put in so much detail! Such a lot of effort has gone into this! It was almost a diary account of your selling week and you explained every detail which made it REALLY interesting. Your stall looked and its presentation certainly caught everyone’s eye. You were so busy!You have had a good think about what you have learnt from this experience and I think you will have even better success with the £5 challenge.
    Well done – you did exceedingly well, raised lots of money and produced a first-rate post. 3wwp 🙂 🙂 🙂

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