My £1 challenge

This week our class did the £1 challenge. The £1 challenge is a challenge where you get into groups and get £1 to try and make more than £1. Our money-making idea was to make lemonade floats (a lemonade float is a cup of lemonade with a scoop of Vanilla ice-cream in). Firstly, once I had bought the ingredients we were able to sell lemonade floats in our class, so we could buy more ingredients before we sold to the public after school. When my group sold to our class we made £2 so that meant we could buy more ice-cream: and the lemonade as we needed some more. Then on the Thursday we could sell to the public and we made a whopping £20.41 out of just £1!


Then it was Friday and everyone could sell and as our floats were so popular I had to taste one. That day we made £7.52 and altogether we made £26.86 when you take away the pound. I loved the £1 challenge as it gave us teamwork skills and budget skills so we will have better skills in later life. If when we do the £5 challenge I could change or improve something I would say we need more cups for our floaters.


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  1. Daniel, what a great blog post! You explained very well AND you used a range of punctuation (),:! I liked the way you explained the process of using profits to buy more goods to sell. Thank you for writing what you learnt from it too. Readers will now understand what fun it was and how you learnt lots of new skills. 1 wwp 🙂 🙂 🙂

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