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My phone app is probably one of the best guides of Wellington, New Zealand. The buttons work, it is informative, there are your essential needs on it such as currency, there are a few possible four or five star hotels with the link to the webpage, we have also suggested lots of different places to go for a day’s outing and places to go for lunch. It is very visual with lots of pictures and bright colours. It will save you time researching because we have already done it for you, therefore you can spend as much time in Wellington as possible.

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  1. Hi Isabel. I hope ALL the buttons work if I am to buy it. You had some good ideas for persuasion. Perhaps (weasel word!) you could have used some semi-colons as you had a long list of ideas! What do you think?
    You used:
    weasel words,
    capitals for effect,
    cause and effect and
    If it saves me time searching for the information online, then I WILL download it (by the way – was it free?). 🙂 🙂 (edit – just noticed the BUY my app!)

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