Milky Way and Galaxy Story

The Milky Way is a colourful round circle. “I’m sure anyone would like to see it,” exclaimed Mya. The galaxy is a bit like the Milky Way just very different. “The Milky Way is a few different colours some pictures have blue, pink and purple some are grey or red.” said Mya.Related image“So what is your favourite colour?” asked Mya. By the way Mya and her sister Talia are on a spaceship in space! “Mine is probably the blue because it looks like the sea.” exclaimed Talia

The galaxy can be blue, pink, purple, grey, red and orange just like the Milky Way!”

Image result for galaxy“What is your favourite, the Milky Way or the Galaxy?” asked Mya.

“Aaaaahhhhhh! we are going to crash into Mars!” screamed the girls. ‘BANG’ The spaceship had crashed! The girls slowly got up they were so surprised; hey got their spacesuits on and went and discovered Mars.



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  1. Hi Mya! You know that I loved the inclusion of pictures in your post! I enjoyed your galaxy descriptions too. Your action was a little fast paced at the end so next time consider slowing it down and adding some detail. 🙂 🙂

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