Meteor Showers

A meteor shower shows up when a meteor shoots out from the same place in the sky. Usually, they are named after the constellation where their light appears. The meteors in the meteor showers are mostly from trails of debris coming from a comet.

More facts about meteor showers:

The Orionid Meteor shower (which shows in late October) is made with dust/debris by the passage of the comet ‘1P/Halley.’ A Meteor is most likely to land in the sea and not on land. I like Meteor showers because I really like how the stars shoot through the sky but most of the time you cant see them, it’s really annoying that the clouds get in the way a lot and take up the sky. Despite this, I love them because they look fascinating and when it is a meteor shower you don’t want to go back inside. Last time me and my mum went out and watched the meteor shower and we counted 17 shooting stars.

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