Mermaids are mysterious creatures because they are half human and half fish, they have been around for hundreds of years but, there are recent reports of people spotting them. For example; there was a news report in 2009 of a Mermaid sighting off the coast of Israel in a town called Kiryat Yam. Apparently, it was seen just before sunset and was performing tricks in front of local people on the edge of the beach. One person thought that it was someone sun-bathing but when they walked towards it she jumped into the sparkling water and disappeared. The local people were in shock as they saw her tail flapping in the waves. The towns tourism board was very excited and they offered an astonishing reward of one million dollars for the first photo of the creature. Unfortunately, the mermaid wasn’t seen again and the huge reward wasn’t claimed. Was the Mermaid real after all?

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