Meeting My Destiny

I woke up to the sound of my brother and sister fighting. Unfortunately, I woke up to this sound every single morning. Sleepily, I lifted the zebra skin rug that keeps me warm and cosy at night in our cave. I looked over to were my mum and dad sleep and I noticed that they weren’t there. Therefore, I assumed that they had gone out to find some food for that day.

I shivered by the dull fire and quickly slipped on my bear skin tunic. I jumped up and stopped my siblings quarrel.

“Come on, we need to get some more wood for the fire so we can have something to cook over and to keep us warm,” I insisted.

They shrugged there shoulders at me and walked out of the cave. Speedily, I ran after them making sure that they didn’t go out of my sight.

When the sun was over the trees, me and my family were all gathered around the crackling fire eating berries and wild deer. As a special treat they had also caught a young antelope. We were all munching away when a lion cub came trotting over to us keeping well clear of the fire. We could tell that it had lost it’s mother by the way that it glanced at us. I carefully stood up and walked over to it. Nicely, I looked into it’s amber eyes and wondered if it would remember me.


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