Medusa’s diary

Dear Diary,
Today I managed to turn seven warriors to stone. They must have come here thinking that they could kill me but they can never resist looking into into my beautiful eyes. They make a fine addition to my expanding collection. I wonder if any more warriors will come and challenge me, I the great Medusa. I’m trying to find a grand spot for the new arrivals, they look quite similar so they would go relatively close together. Every time a warrior comes to my cave, my little scaly beauties hiss with excitement. It gives me great pleasure to turn each foolish human to stone. To think I was once a beautiful young woman adored by all, to now be a monster which everyone fears. Curse Athena for making me into this monster, she has ruined me. All these warriors come to defeat me to impress Athena but I was more beautiful then she ever will be.

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