Me as a Mythical creature

I woke up in the dawn ready to hunt again. I slithered through the rocks and into a field with farm animals, me as a 9 headed snake (Hydra) can easily take down a farm animal in 3 seconds. I’m lucky that I even have this barn right next to my house. I sneak closer and squirt my toxic venom right into a chickens chest.The owner of the barn comes out with a knife every day shouting at me”go away, you evil poison-injecting creature” He exclaims but I always get away. After that I eat my meal and then go and entertain myself until lunch time usilly going back to sleep and then going to hunt again. After lunch all of the creatures from around the area come to an arena to fight I come first in all the matches except for one ; the creature is called MEDUSA. I got all the way up to the finals then just got knocked out AGAIN but there’s only time to improve.

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