Maths Day

On Monday 24th June 2019, it was our school Maths Day. We got split into four different groups, so we had lots of people from different year groups. We had a few different activities. We had one which involved some orienteering and co-ordinates. The older people had to go with younger people. We did some P.E and lots of other exciting activities. In each activities we could collect some diamonds. The most that you could get was four. We got three diamonds on two activities and four diamonds on two activities. In the afternoon we all got together staying in our groups. The teachers had made an enclosed area which had lots of different paper shapes in it. We got a certain amount of time in the enclosed area. We had to collect quadrilateral shapes and if they picked a shape which wasn’t a quadrilateral a quadrilateral shape would be taken away. My group’s score was 77 and we won by three points. It was an amazing day.

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