The Lung is a type of dragon from Chinese Mythology. It is said to be the bringer of wealth, fortune and rain.

Lung dragons live in the clouds and are the guardians of the earth’s water.

Unlike other dragons, the Lung has no wings.  It has a body of a huge carp (a type of fish), feet and legs like a tiger, the talons of a bird and the antlers of a stag.  Alternatively, they are described as having a scaly serpentine body, four legs, four paws, four huge nails on every paw, a sinuous tail and with a head of a huge lizard. In pictures, they are often seen carrying an egg in one of their front claws, and they are said to carry a pearl of wisdom in their mouths.

The Lung can change form as an when it wants to and can become as small as an inchworm or as big as the Sun.  It can also make itself invisible.

Lung lay their eggs on river banks. Every river, sea and lake has got its own lung as a guardian.


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