Long Division

I will be showing you how to do long division in this post. I will start off with a example: 121 divided by 15. Below I will demonstrate how to do it.

The first step is to set up your calculation. Then you see how many times 15 goes into one, but it doesn’t go into one so you put a zero above the one. Then you see how many times 15 goes into twelve, but again, it doesn’t go. You then see how many times 15 goes into 121, which it goes into 7 times. Before I carry on I will also say a method on how to see how many times one number goes into another number, all you do is add the number by itself until you get to a answer relatively close to the number. Anyway back on to the method, so 15 goes into 121 7 times but to work out the remainder you put 15 times seven below the 15 (in Math form) and then you put the answer (110) below 121. Next you minus 121 by 110 which is 111. Finally you put 11 down as your remainder next to your answer and your done.


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  1. Hi Oscar – this was an accurate set of instructions so well done. They were tricky to read in such a big block – maybe you could think of another layout that would have broken the steps down visually… 🙂

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