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 Hi my name is kia, I am 10 years old.

 My hobbies are horse riding because I love horses I also like dogs, guinea pigs, Little Mix and music, I like to sleepovers and seeing my friends. As you could probably see I love animals and my family have loads of them, altogether we have: 3 hamsters, 8 guinea pigs, 2 snakes, 2 dogs, 2 fish tanks and 2 budgies.

 My puppy is called Rosie and my older dog, that is almost 3, is called Alfie! 




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  1. You are very busy with all those animals.
    Who looks after them all?
    Are the Guinea Pigs girls or boys? We had some that were brothers and sisters.
    Can you explain what sort of snakes you have and have they shed their skin?

  2. My sisters snakes are called rocko and montey there not slimy at all instead they are very smooth.

    We have 7 female guinea pigs and 1 male so we can breed them because most of our guinea pigs that we have are the ones that we have bread our selves.

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