Jupiter Adventure

Molly closed her eyes, took a deep breath and pressed hard on the large green button. This was it, she was going to Jupiter, there was no turning back now. Suddenly she felt excitement running through her body like being electrocuted. As the ship gained speed it started to shake and rattle as it passed through the Earth’s atmosphere and into orbit. Molly felt a rush of delight as she thought about her epic journey – being the first astronaut to travel to Jupiter and even better,the first women.

As she zoomed past Mars it was like passing an angry ball of fire as the hot gases swirled around the surface of the planet. Molly held her breath as several bursts of flames shot past the window of the spaceship. Finally as she past Mars she saw the amazing sight of the planet Jupiter. It was bigger than she had imagined and glistened with gold and blue. ” 568 to command , have reached destination, over ” Molly explained into the radio. What lies ahead ? she thought !

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