Jacques Adventure

Jacques stepped over the powdery sand, and hastily leapt in the air to land in the dazzling water. he had swum in the sea every day but he was still amazed whenever he ducked under the waves to see the magic of the ocean. To see the fish and plants – from dull black to iridescent rainbow there was an array of colours which were simply wonderful to him. He brushed through the long grasses and swam over the delicate coral into deeper waters where the light from the surface barely shone through.

An Eel darted out the crevis and suddenly Jacques gasped in shock, the noises of his heartbeat reverberated off the sea and suddenly he heard a noise, the whale pushed the eel out the way and suddenly he quickly swam to the shore.

As Jacques sat there on the sand, tired after swimming to the shore in such a rush, he thanked the whale and he was on his way.

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