Is there life out there.

Jacky was a space expert . She was try to found out if there was life on mars.Onebody liked her at all, so she was all alone on the tests . Jacky went to the conferance room  to talk about sending someone to mars.But everybody said no. So she said “I will go”. *GASP*.

Two days laters .

The ship was prepered. Jacky was neverous. The crontrol room was running. Suudenly the ship took of with jacky on it. It would take 2 days for her to get there.Then she remebered that she forgot here space helmet but there was an extra one.


2 days later.

She had arrived on mars and befor here very eyes there was ….. no life around at all.She had failed her mission or so she thought and out of the redness there was a odd shaped object  moving towards her.She started to run fast ,faster and faster. What was going to happen.



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