Interesting Facts About Weather and Climate


Different places in the UK have different types of air such as the air from the South West is warm and wet, the air from the North West is cool and moist, North East air is cold and dry.

The air is different in different places because it has moved over different land and sea and has taken on certain characteristics.

Air which has been over a warm sea is warmer and wetter than air that has been over cold land mass.

The wind strength is determined by the differences of pressure within the depression.

When the air gets warmer it expands and becomes less dense and rises.

When dirt is mixed up with wind it can make dust storms which is called black blizzards.

Lightning sometimes follows after a volcanic eruption.

Hurricanes are the worst type of storm known to Earth and it happens 4 to 6 times a year.



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  1. Hi Jenna, you’ve included some really interesting facts here, I especially like the one about black blizzards. Make sure the facts makes sense. Next time try to include a bit more punctuation.

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