Instructions For Your Sock Monster

Here are some instructions for keeping your sock puppet healthy and happy:

  • First, you need to find out what your sock puppet likes – my sock puppet, called Jeffrey, likes to eat glass – find this out by putting a few materials or foods in front of your puppet and you can see which they eat and which they don’t.
  • Next, you need to have somewhere to put this marvellous creature because you are not going to have it in your house are you; I put mine in a titanium cage so it will not get out.
  • Then, you need to have an accessory.  I have a jacket that makes Jeff/Jeffrey happy and a shock collar that shocks him when he gets angry.
  • You need to have nice food for your monster puppet to enjoy, so my sock puppets favourite food is metal, I know that sounds weird but its normal to Jeff.
  • Jeffrey loves to scare people, scaring people is his favourite thing in the world but it is a habit that needs to stop. He would do it day and night, never doing anything else, just planning for his next scare, if he had the chance. Scaring people is his hobby, although the shock collar hurts a bit he does it so much it has started to get boring.
  • Listen out! This is the most important instruction the way to make your sock puppet not angry with my sock puppet, (Jeff/Jeffrey), you need to give him his favourite food and to make it ever so angry you need to give my sock puppet soup, it hates it.
  • That is all for the sock puppet tips, good luck with your monster!


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