Instructions for looking after my Sock Bunny

My sock Monster is called Star and she is a rabbit. She likes to eat anything that is in the shape of a star. You should not give her any meat of fish (even if they are in Star shapes) but she will gobble down vegetables. Star’s favourite foods are carrots, apples, pears and oat biscuits, so they are good things to feed her. You also have to make sure that you give her plenty of water because she gets very thirsty. Her cage is quite big but she likes to run around a lot, so you must keep her outside as much as possible because she does not like being in her cage all the time. Some of the things she’s got in her cage are: pieces of wood to gnaw on, boards to climb on, oat-cubes to nibble on and a tunnel for fun.

Her bed should be made up of hay and grass that should be nice and thick, also cosy. It should lie on top of several sheets of newspaper. Star is friendly, tame, likes company and loves having cuddles and being picked up. She likes eating out of your hand but she is also quite cheeky because she’ll run off and try to eat the flowers. If you don’t want to make her mad then do not cuddle her or try to pick her up when she is asleep. Also, don’t force her to go somewhere she doesn’t want to go.



Instructions for looking after my Sock Bunny — 5 Comments

  1. Hi, Erin. Very interesting and really good facts. Easy to learn and really good to help people learn about rabbit. Well done you used brackets.

  2. Hi Erin I really lived your story, you used great punctuation and description but next time maybe try to use some more MAPOS.

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