Sunny was running, running for her life. So what lied ahead of her? Nothing,she was running into complete ebony black. How this had started she did not know  all she knew was that it was chasing her. It was as slick as a shadow : it was coming for her. It’s murder like spikes were glinting in the dark. I know impossible, how could they shine with no light, she must be going crazy, maybe the ghastly smell was getting to her. Then she tripped…she looked down at the wound, but her ankle was disappearing. so was her whole body. Then she woke, it was a dream.


I-Scream — 3 Comments

  1. Hey, this is very dramatic and scary! Like your use of adjectives and similes!

    That’s a pretty regular ending – could you change it to something more exciting?

    Good luck

    Mr Hales #Team100WC

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