I Saved a Whale

Hi, so right now I am swimming in the ocean with my extremely heavy air tank on my strong back. I have my underwater camera taking photos of the wonderful coral. It was like a massive rainbow. I am having such a wonderful time. The fish were also amazingly colourful and I have seen so many Turtles as bright as the fresh green grass (one of them was really big). It was an amazing experience! I almost got stung by a Jelly fish, but I swam away in time.

One hour later, I was deeper than I have ever been in the sea, I was a little scared but I was fine. As I gracefully swam forward, a big ray swam pass me. Anyway I was swimming a bit further when  I saw a huge whale. I swam up to it and it had a fishing net on it’s fin so it couldn’t swim, so I pulled the net off it and watched it swim away. I then swam back to shore. It was an amazing experience, I wonder what is next…


I Saved a Whale — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Charlie. Great use of punctuation. You used… MAPOS! Well done I really enjoyed and hope to hear another story like it.

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