Hydra The Dragon Facts

The Hydra is a Greek myth and has nine heads; terrifying teeth and big, pointy and sharp scales. This spooky dragon lives in slimy and muddy swamps near a place called ‘the ancient city of Lerna’. It’s strength is brutal because if it breathes on someone it could kill them: the breath of it is so poisonous. If anyone tried to cut off one of it’s head’s, then it will grow two new ones which is pretty scary because it has more weapons. That means Hydra is almost impossible to kill. Whenever the monster came out from his swamp, he would attack the local villagers, eating them with all of his heads. It has worried them as it may come back for more…                               Luckily, Hercules came to the rescue and killed Hydra once and for all, he buried the creature and it was never to be seen again.

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