How WW2 started !

In 1933, Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Party came to power in Germany. He started to build the country’s military strength and army. A strip of Germany called ‘The Rhineland’ which was next to the border with France and Belgium was supposed to be a military free zone at the end of WW1. Hitler moved his troops back into the Rhineland in 1936, then took over Austria and parts of Czechoslovakia in 1938 . Meanwhile other countries like Italy and Japan did a similar thing with other countries invading them and gaining power. Germany , Italy and Japan grew stronger. At first Britain and France tried to prevent any disagreement with these countries and keep the peace, however by the end of the 1930’s both countries were preparing their armies as Germany grew stronger and looked ever more threatening. As War looked closer Britain, France, Germany and Italy began to prepare for the worst. They started making plans to ration food and materials. Shelters were dug in major cities to protect civilians and plans were drawn up to evacuate thousands of children.

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