How we Should Change The Ocean

On the news today I found out that a turtle died because it ate a piece of plastic in the Indian ocean. After that, I then made a Youtube video and recorded what we should do about all seas. The next day, I asked my mate if he wanted to go scuba diving with me (he told me he will.) When we were in the water we had seen a dark brown turtle floating in the deep blue ocean. Loads and loads of plastic was surrounding the poor turtle, I then told my friend through the waterproof walkie-talkie “we should change the whole seas.” Then we brung the turtle up to shore and we took it to the local vets near us, me and him were so scared. The vet surprisingly whispered that the turtle had `one piece of plastic by the side of it’s lung. Finally, we took it back to the ocean it it swam away beatifically.

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