How to look after your sock bunny

Here are a few instructions about how to care for a sock bunny:

  • They like to eat fresh food – especially when it’s just out of the oven. It is important that they eat everything on their plate as they do not have a big apatite. If you let them leave food, they will get into a habit of not eating enough and that can be very dangerous. Make sure not to miss any meals as they will go extremely hyper and may destroy you kitchen for food, if they are used to being fed three times a day.
  • They would need a cot to sleep in, that they can’t get out of. They need to have company in there room (even if it’s as simple as a teddy) otherwise they become lonely and sad. They sleep well at night and won’t wake you up.
  • BEWARE! They may miss there home, so make sure all doors and windows are locked at night so they can’t get out. If you read the last instruction; you would know that they are very quiet. In fact, one of the silentest creatures on the planet. They’re unlikely to run away if they are well treated. For more information – read the next instruction.
  • They should be treated like they’re human but try not to spoil them to much. They can be very greedy and they really DON’T like the dark. In their cot, they should have a torch and they should have a small night-light in their room. Some people have asked if they wear clothing. The answer is yes. Just like us, they do like to wear clothing. They keep up with our fashion and always look lovely (they say chic…the girls do anyway) in their clothes. Make sure each sock bunny gets material so that they can make all sorts of funky outfits. It is their way favorite hobby and they will go mad if they don’t make a piece of clothing in a day. They love homemade thing for their birthday (especially clothes) and they would be amazingly proud and cheerful if you made things for them.
  • To treat them, they like all sorts. Sweets; chocolate; a shopping trip; sleepovers; cinema; a football or even a notebook. They are easy going and love company. Try to take them with you everywhere as they get bored quite quickly. They are powering pets. Would you be able to care for a sock bunny?


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